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The University Club offers faculty, staff and alumni members access to banquet and dining facilities. The offices for the UofL Alumni Association and Student Organization for Alumni Relations are located here.

200 E. Brandeis Ave , Louisville, Kentucky 40208

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Meet the Professor - Dr. John Hale, Mysteries of the Delphic Oracle

For centuries, the woman who served as the famous Delphic Oracle was the most powerful single voice in ancient Greece. Her prophecies guided the fates of...

9/5 12pm
Meet the Professor - Dr. Kristi Maxwell, Writing that Excludes: the Generative Potential of Lipograms

In her creative work and scholarship, Kristi Maxwell, Professor of English, is interested in the relationship between form and performance in poetry. She...

10/3 12pm
Meet the Professor - Dr. David Owen, On Racialized Whiteness

Race is a frequent topic of public discourse, but Racialized Whiteness is rarely examined. What does it mean to be White? How does Whiteness shape the...

11/7 12pm
Meet the Professor - Dr. Lauren Heberle, Who, Where, and What Counts as the We in ‘Community’                                                                  in Environmental Policy Research and Practice?

Using her work on cleaning up brownfields and Superfund sites in Louisville, sociologist Dr. Lauren Heberle will discuss how ‘Community’ is strategically...

12/5 12pm

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Brandon J Harwood

Brandon J Harwood left a positive review 2/7/2019

Dr. Beattie gave a very educational and entertaining talk! Lunch was also quite nice.

Maria S Tinnell

Maria S Tinnell left a positive review 11/30/2018

I really enjoyed myself

Dylan Swinford

Dylan Swinford left a positive review 4/12/2018

The lecture by Dr. Gainous was very interesting and informational. He also did a great job of answering questions after his logic even though some in attendance clearly didn't understand social media.

Meredith A Cooksey

Meredith A Cooksey left a positive review 1/15/2016

This event was very informational and provided helpful information and insight. The staff and faculty that were there were knowledgeable and helpful as well.

Susan E Hildebrand

Susan E Hildebrand posted a photo 9/4/2015

University Club & Alumni Center

University Club & Alumni Center posted a photo 10/25/2013

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