Engage Lead Serve Board Events

October 25 - 31, 2020

Monday, October 26

Engage Lead Serve Board Equality and Justice Committee Meetings

The Equality and Justice committee strives to advocate for societal, economic, and political equality in marginalized communities by hosting committee...

10/26 5pm
Virtual Event
Equality and Justice Committee Meetings

Join the Equality and Justice Committee to discuss ways that we can promote equality on our campus through events and services.

10/26 5pm
Virtual Event

Tuesday, October 27

Human Prosperity Committee Meetings

Join the Engage Lead Serve Board's Human Prosperity committee for our bi-weekly committee meetings! Here, we plan educational events for the UofL community,...

10/27 5:30pm
Virtual Event

Thursday, October 29

Creepy Critters

“Creepy Critters” is a trivia event that explores notoriously frightening, strange, and unknown animals in the hopes of reducing fear about these creatures....

10/29 6pm
Virtual Event

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