George J. Howe Red Barn

The George J. Howe Red Barn is a former industrial building that in 1969 found use as a student event space. The LGBT Center has office and common space in the building.

2011 S. Brook Street , Louisville, Kentucky 40208

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Student Activities


Upcoming Events

Good Morning Commuter

Free Krispy Kreme doughnuts and coffee! Every Tuesday from 8:30 to 10am at the Red Barn.

10/23 8:30am
Legacy Day Breakfast and Campus Visit

A program for high school juniors or seniors, who are children of alumni, during Homecoming weekend. By invitation only.

10/26 9am
Blood Drive

Come out and donate blood at our Halloween themed blood drive.

10/29 10am
Good Morning Commuter

Free Krispy Kreme doughnuts and coffee! Every Tuesday from 8:30 to 10am at the Red Barn.

10/30 8:30am

Recent Events

Cookout for CLEP


Recent Activity

Jamie B Shepherd

Jamie B Shepherd left a review 8/24/2018

Don't hold it during drop add week. Also, the pretzels are always kindof cold and soggy.

Justin M Mog

Justin M Mog posted a photo 9/21/2018

Melissa A Benningfield

Melissa A Benningfield left a review 8/24/2018

The celebration was fine but the timing for it was horrible. The first week of classes is a very busy time, so I was not able to stay for a second beer. :)

Mattie P Perez

Mattie P Perez left a review 8/24/2018

Would have preferred it wasn't during the first week of classes, but I enjoy this event and always attend!

Tamara D Sluss

Tamara D Sluss left a positive review 8/24/2018

I loved interacting with colleagues at the event.

David A Howarth

David A Howarth left a positive review 8/24/2018

Got there late...but enjoyed! Thanks!

Morgan C Smith

Morgan C Smith left a positive review 4/7/2017

I would love to go to this again! Very interesting and informative.

Kelsea M Visalli

Kelsea M Visalli left a positive review 4/6/2017

I worked the Self-Care Fair, and I thought it was great. The weather was a bummer but organization was great and the booths were top-notch. Thank you!

Robyn A Dickman

Robyn A Dickman left a positive review 11/11/2016

So much fun!

Amy L Chambers

Amy L Chambers posted a photo 10/28/2016

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