George J. Howe Red Barn

The George J. Howe Red Barn is a former industrial building that in 1969 found use as a student event space. The LGBT Center has office and common space in the building.

2011 S. Brook Street , Louisville, Kentucky 40208

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Student Activities


Upcoming Events

You don’t have to come out to come in

The LGBT Center, LGBT student groups and Student Activities Board welcome ALL students with icebreakers, snacks and a tour of the Intersection, the gathering...

8/15 3:30pm
Late Night Pancakes

Join Sojourn College for our 4th Annual Late Night Pancakes! Grab a cup of locally roasted coffee, some delicious pancakes, and meet some of your new...

8/15 10:30pm
Friday Feast

Come join Cru for a wings feast and time to connect with new friends!

8/16 5pm
Brainiacs and Caniacs

Join the IFC fraternities for a night of trivia and free food! Prizes will be given away to winners, including a TV!

8/16 9:30pm
SGA Cares Lunch

Come for FREE lunch and talk with members of the Student Government Association, Student Activities Board and Engage Serve Board to learn more about making...

8/17 12:30pm

Recent Events

PDC Derby Potluck




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Maria S Tinnell

Maria S Tinnell left a positive review 4/17/2019

I had a great time! Well attended event. Speaker was very engaging

Yaser A Elnakieb

Yaser A Elnakieb left a positive review 3/29/2019

It was really great!
I really loved it, hoped to see more events like it in the future!

Emily G Gosney

Emily G Gosney left a positive review 1/24/2019

I had an amazing experience. This was my first time donating blood and the lady helping me through the process and handling the needle made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. Will definitely donate again!

Jamie B Shepherd

Jamie B Shepherd left a review 8/24/2018

Don't hold it during drop add week. Also, the pretzels are always kindof cold and soggy.

Justin M Mog

Justin M Mog posted a photo 9/21/2018

Melissa A Benningfield

Melissa A Benningfield left a review 8/24/2018

The celebration was fine but the timing for it was horrible. The first week of classes is a very busy time, so I was not able to stay for a second beer. :)

Mattie P Perez

Mattie P Perez left a review 8/24/2018

Would have preferred it wasn't during the first week of classes, but I enjoy this event and always attend!

Tamara D Sluss

Tamara D Sluss left a positive review 8/24/2018

I loved interacting with colleagues at the event.

David A Howarth

David A Howarth left a positive review 8/24/2018

Got there late...but enjoyed! Thanks!

Morgan C Smith

Morgan C Smith left a positive review 4/7/2017

I would love to go to this again! Very interesting and informative.

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