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Frazier Hall provides office, classroom, lab and lounge space for the College of Business.

110 W. Brandeis Ave. , Louisville, Kentucky 40208

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Donna Clark

Donna Clark posted a photo 2/24/2023

Sharon Handy

Sharon Handy left a positive review 1/29/2020

This was an amazing talk. It was inspirational and informed how I can try to focus my efforts with the big picture in mind. Loved it but I am not surprized. All of the speakers from the Center for Free Enterprize are great.

Sridhar Dasari

Sridhar Dasari left a positive review 1/29/2020

Crisp and Clear. Nice examples. Thank you.

Thomas M Gallagher

Thomas M Gallagher left a positive review 1/6/2020

The speaker was very knowledgeable and experienced with the GMAT. I would like to see him implement a better policy with people wanting to ask questions especially for those students who don't wait for their turn to speak.

Allie Jones

Allie Jones left a positive review 11/11/2019

This was a great first class, it was very informative and have given me a greater understanding of what to expect on the GMAT!

Josh D Rimmer

Josh D Rimmer left a positive review 11/3/2019

Great presentation, done with respect for opposing viewpoints, but clearly knowledgeable in their subject.

Harry Frazier Hall - College of Business

Harry Frazier Hall - College of Business posted a photo 10/23/2013

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