Employee Success Center

The Employee Success Center provides an array of opportunities for UofL employees, such as professional development workshops, mentoring and learning cafes. Check out the upcoming sessions below. Unless otherwise listed, events by the Employee Success Center are available and free to all UofL faculty and staff.
Communicating Across Generations

This is the first time in history that four generations are in the workforce at the same time. Communicating with each group, especially at work, can be a...

3/10 11am
Virtual Event
Learning Cafe: Creating a Great Development Plan on a Shoestring Budget

It’s staff performance evaluation season and while many of us are familiar with the overall process, the idea of creating an employee development plan can be...

3/10 2pm
Virtual Event
Implicit Bias

Have you ever said something hurtful about a group or culture without even realizing it? Most of us have had the experience of putting our foot in our...

3/16 10am
Virtual Event
Femme Forward-UofL Women's Journeys featuring Dean Amy Lingo

The Commission on the Status of Women and the Employee Success Center are launching a new series, Femme Forward- UofL Women’s Journeys. Femme Forward...

3/18 10am
Virtual Event
Leading Effective Meetings

Meetings are essential to organizational operations. Most managers spend from 25%-80% of their time in meetings, many of which they are leading. And,...

3/18 1pm
Virtual Event
Leading from our Strengths

It makes sense that we are at our best when we spend our workday doing things that call upon our natural strengths. If it fills our bucket, we are going to...

3/23 1pm
Virtual Event
Social Media Coaching Circle

This social circle is available to anyone who manages social media for their area. Coaching circles are organized groups of university faculty and staff who...

3/23 1pm
Virtual Event
Tips for Maintaining Workplace Morale

Research shows that happy employees are more productive employees. In these uniquely difficult times, achieving high morale among your team is only half the...

3/30 1pm
Virtual Event
Civility Training-why is civility so Important in the workplace

When we work in a place that is not civil, it takes a toll on all of us. Not just physically and psychologically, but also financially. So what can we do...

3/31 10am
Virtual Event
Increasing Employee Motivation & Productivity

Are your employees feeling overworked and underappreciated? Is low morale wreaking havoc on productivity? Learn what keeps employees motivated along with...

4/8 11am
Virtual Event
Electronic Communication (e-communication) Let's do it right

At the very least we all use email and text. Most likely we watch videos on YouTube and create PowerPoints for classes or conferences. We teach online,...

4/14 11am
Virtual Event
Engaging in Difficult Dialogue

Talking about race, gender, sexuality, and other identities can be challenging, but we get better at it with practice. In fact, not talking about it can...

4/15 1pm
Virtual Event
Diffusing the Hostile Person

Many positions in the workplace require your employees to come into contact with frustrated and angry customers or clients. And, keep in mind that...

4/21 10am
Virtual Event

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