Sunday, September 18

Waiting room and examination room, Central Louisville Health Center, Beecher Terrace, 1943. Royal Photo Company Collection. R 07660_00

A History of Black Health in Louisville covers the establishment of health care facilities by and for Black Louisvillians in the late 19th and 20th...

Cards Commuter Challenge 2022

August 29 - September 30, 2022. University-wide UofL wants you to save money, burn calories, put an end to pollution, and win prizes…all by simply choosing...

Cycle September!

UofL’s Sustainability Council and Get Healthy Now encourage you to saddle up and ride for Team UofL during Cycle September - The Global Bike Challenge! Reap...

"Dark Waters" Sunday Showcase Panel

At least 38 drinking water systems in Kentucky, including Louisville, have levels of forever chemicals (PFAS - per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) the EPA...

School of Nursing Transition Ceremony

Transition Ceremony for Lower Division students to Upper Division.

 University Symphony Orchestra

The University Symphony Orchestra is the premier orchestral ensemble at the University of Louisville, performing a great variety of orchestral literature...

Dark Waters Screening and PFAS Panel at the Speed Cinema

Dark Waters is inspired by the true story of a decades-long battle against big chemical companies that dumped PFAS into a landfill, poisoning crops and...

Sunday, September 18

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