Saturday, September 14

Cards Commuter Challenge!

UofL wants you to save money, burn calories, put an end to pollution, and win prizes…all by simply choosing to get to campus in a new way! Record your trips...

National Bike Challenge

UofL is participating in the National Bike Challenge again this summer (May – September 2019) and the UofL Sustainability Council & Get Healthy Now want you...

Strategic Broadening Seminar for U.S. Army Soldiers

Since 2014, the McConnell Center has hosted the Strategic Broadening Seminar for the U.S. Army. The unique 28-day residential leadership program is designed...

Front Porch Republic Conference featuring Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry's legacy and vision will be the focus of "FPR 2019: The Legacy of Wendell Berry," a Front Porch Republic conference. Berry himself will deliver...

PD Seminar: America's Religious Founding with Mark David Hall, PhD

This seminar discussion, led by Dr. Mark David Hall of George Fox University, will explore the concept of religious liberty and church-state relations in the...

Egyptian Showcase: Hieroglyphs & Food

Join us for an afternoon steeped in history where you will learn about Egyptian hieroglyphs with Egyptologist, Dr. Jennifer Westerfeld from the University of...

Photo Walk at the Louisville Skate Park

Looking for an opportunity to take pictures and meet new people? We are hosting a photowalk at the Louisville Skate Park, aka the Dave Armstrong Extreme Park!

Saturday, September 14

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