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A university-wide council of students, faculty, and staff committed to integrating sustainability into everything we do - from how we manage our facilities, finances and people to what we teach and research. Our vision is to create a university that is itself a living laboratory for sustainability and a campus community that leads by example and educates as much by what we do as by what we say. Our goal is to make decisions which reflect a balanced consideration for environmental, social and economic responsibility and to continually learn as we go. The Council meets monthly, as do our three main Committees: Operations; Education & Research; and Administration/Finance/Outreach. Numerous subcommittees also meet regularly with a focus on specific aspects of sustainability such as food, transportation, waste, trees, etc.


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Faculty Workshop: Green Threads – Sustainability across the curriculum

Faculty Workshop: Green Threads –... 8/16

Training & Development / Provost

Are you interested in sustainability issues related to environmental, social, and economic stewardship? Are you thinking of adapting a course to incorporate...

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